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Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting my page. I would like to announce the development schedule so you know where I'm headed :)

Currently, I'm working on creating the missions and stories for the entire game using placeholder models. This will take me 3-4 months roughly, but it may be a lot shorter. During this period of time I pretty much have nothing pretty to show, because everything is in code and dialogues. Perhaps I'll show a few new characters/enemies here and there but mostly it'll be a dull wait.

When the above work is completed, the game will enter pre-beta stage where I'll be creating final arts for each level. After completing one or two more levels (in addition to the Zernaskaya level in the demo) plus a tiny tutorial level, I'll put the game up on Steam for Early Access. The goal for Early Access is to raise some funding to hire artists to help completing the rest of the game faster so it won't take another 3 years haha. 

Thank you everyone for the support :)


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Oct 15, 2017

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